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GWHRA Volunteer Opportunities

    September 14, 2012

    Hello GWHRA Chapter Members,


    I’m excited to be able to present several volunteer opportunities for the 2013-2014 term that is just around the corner!


    Board Vacancies -  We have two open Board vacancies:  Vice President of Programming / President-Elect and Vice President of Membership.  As an added incentive, those individuals who fill these slots will be able to attend the 2012 SHRM Volunteer Leadership Conference in Washington DC (11/15 – 11/17) with air, hotel and conference fees fully paid!


    Committee Roles - In addition to the Board vacancies, we have several opportunities for individuals to step up and get more involved in the chapter at the committee level.  The time commitment for these roles is minimal, and these roles can really be what you would like to make them.


    Please read the attached brochure, which details more about these roles and opportunities.   I would welcome anyone who has a little bit of extra time and the desire to be a part of something more within the chapter to have a conversation with me!


    If you are interested in exploring one of these roles, please be sure to email or call me by Wednesday, September 24thWe can then set up some to talk about your interests and what might be a potential match for you.


    Melissa Schroeder

    GWHRA President Elect 2013-1014


    Phone:  708-670-1798