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    Guns and Pot in the Workplace

    Date: January 22, 2014, 7:30am – 9:00am
    Gerard McInnis
    Joliet Junior College
    1215 Hoboult
    Building T- Rm #1002
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    Guns and Pot in the Workplace: How the New Illinois Statutes Affect Your Business

    • On July 9, 2013, Illinois became the last state to allow its citizens to carry a concealed firearm (handgun). The first portion of the presentation will include:
      • What does this mean for business owners?
      • When Will This Happen?
      • Qualifications
      • Prohibited Areas
      • Exceptions
      • Workplace policies
      • Liability concerns


    • On August 1, 2013, Gov. Pat Quinn signed HB 1, which will create a medical marijuana pilot program for the State of Illinois.  Entitled the Compassionate use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program Act, the law represents 10 years of work on the part of legislators, the Marijuana Policy Project and 100s of doctors and patients around the state to bring relief to seriously ill patients. This portion of the presentation will include the following:
      • Legislative Findings
      • Why is it called a “pilot program”?
      • How do patients qualify for the program?
      • What medical conditions are included?
      • 3 Administrative Agencies Involved
      • Terminology
      • Immunities and Presumptions
      • Revise or Add New Policies?
      • Considerations