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GWHRA Membership Challenge - Please READ!!

    June 25, 2014

    I'm thrilled to say that we are just about to kick off of the last half of the year because there are some really cool things attached to that milestone...

    Do you know what that means for POTENTIAL members?

    As of 7/1, professional and associate member fees are discounted to ONLY $20 for the remaining of 2014. Included in that price will will be:
    *** Five remaining monthly meetings,
    *** Private access to program materials/presentations,
    *** Discounted attendance at our final two networking events (tentatively Slammers game in August & William Alexanders wine tasting in November)
    *** Entry into raffles for free 2014 GWHRA membership
    *** Solid networking with other HR professionals - we just hit over 100 professionals!
    *** Eligibility for GWHRA referral challenge below

    Please check out our GWHRA website ( for more information on how to join or email me (, and I'll connect you with the right parties.

    Do you know what that means for EXISTING members?

    If you refer TWO members who are also a part of national SHRM by 9/30/2014, GWHRA will give you a $20 gift card OR $20 discount off of your 2015 membership. This is NOT a raffle. Yes, we will give you $20!

    Please be sure to have the new member list your name on their online/written application or email me or Megan McNellis to let us know that you referred them. Feel free to use the list above to encourage them to join the GWHRA club.

    (In case you were wondering...We ask that they be a member of national SHRM because our chapter receives a nice final incentive if a GWHRA also belongs to the national SHRM chapter. We love all GWHRA members - both SHRM and non-SHRM members - but can only share the financial love if they are part of SHRM.)

    Feel free to reach out to me with any questions (

    Game on! Go get' em! :-)

    GWHRA Membership Challenge - Please READ!!


    Melissa Schroder, MBA, SPHR