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GWHRA College Relations Director Board Vacancy - Awesome Volunteer Wanted!

    June 25, 2014

    The GWHRA Board is looking for an HR professional who is passionate about this role, interested in getting more involved in the HR community, and desires to give back to the profession.

    Please take a peek at the description below and reach out to me ( if you are interested in discussing this role.

    P.S. THANK you to Kraig Kistinger, our Immediate Past President, for continuing to manage our college relations after his Presidency, along with several others who have helped maintain strong connections to the local colleges and universities. Given his heavy work and personal commitments, Kraig will continue serving in his primary advisory role as Immediate Past President of our chapter. Thanks again Kraig!


    Position Summary:
    Manage the scholarship program, internship program, and college outreach efforts.

    Responsible To:
    The members of the chapter
    The chapter president
    State council college relations director

    • Develop scholarship application evaluation criteria and design the appropriate materials.
    • Promote the scholarship program and internship program to local colleges and universities.
    • Evaluate applications and recommend recipients.
    • Make recommendations on changes to scholarship program (i.e., scholarship amount, number of recipients).
    • Oversee the internship program. Send out requests to local HR professionals/chapter members requesting internship postings. Forward openings to members of local student chapters or to faculty members.
    • Communicate with local faculty/colleges to provide classroom visits to discuss HR topics, the Chapter, internships/scholarships, SHRM membership, etc. Act as mentor to college students seeking a career in HR.
    • Recommend community service projects to be supported by the chapter.
    • Serve as liaison between members of the college relations committee.
    • Participate in the SHRM College Relations Core Leadership Area conference calls and webcasts.
    • Participate in the development and implementation of short-term and long-term strategic planning for the chapter.
    • Represent the chapter in the human resources community.
    • Attend monthly membership and board of directors meetings.
    • Other duties as assigned by Chapter President

    Resources Available:
    • SHRM supplies the following resources for chapter college relations chair
    o Chapter Best Practices
    o Chapter Position Descriptions
    o Fundamentals of Chapter Operations
    o And MUCH MORE…available online at
    • SHRM’s Student Programs Website is available at
    o Here, you will find a toolkit to help you start a student chapter, work with students, start a mentor or intern program, and more.
    o There is also a College Relations Toolkit at