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Grundy Will Human Resource Association and Social Media

    October 30, 2013

    We are looking to expand GWHRA’s presence on social media as a way to pass information among members and to attract potential members in our area.  It can be an effective and cost saving way to communicate and market our group, not to mention it is mostly free.

    Our first attempt was/is our LinkedIn Group.  We have been using the group for a few years and can be found here.   It is an information sharing group where members are encouraged to post items they find interesting in the field of human resources to share knowledge and start conversations.  You can also post events that may of interest to our members.  We do ask that any event looking to generate income be posted under the Promotions tab.  There is also the ability to post job openings your organization has or you know of, under the Jobs tab.

    It is a closed group in that not just anybody can join in order to keep the spam down.  About half our members belong and all members should have received an invitation.  If you have lost yours, please let me know and I can send you a new one or you can just request to join and I can approve you.  Non-members can also join to see what GWHRA has to offer.  If you know of a local HR professional that might gain from being a member of the group, tell them about it and let me know so they can be approved.  ILSHRM has a similar page.

    GWHRA also has a Facebook page that I encourage you to “like” if you are on Facebook.  It is a more informal site than the LI group but more social.  We will post some information on it but it will also include events and meetings that we would encourage you to indicate if you will be attending.  We will also be posting pictures of events and other items of interest.

    Once again, this page is open to all members and interested HR professionals in our area.  Please take a look and give us a “like” and tell others about it.

    Finally (for now), we are trying to establish a presence on Twitter.  If you are on Twitter, please use the hashtag #GWHRA if you have information or a notice you want to share about our chapter.  If you are unfamiliar with twitter, let me know and I can supply you with information on this powerful communication tool.  I have found an amazing HR community on it and have used it extensively to network across the country and world.  It was a key tool in finding speakers for the ILSHRM State Conference the last few years and has several “chats” that have great bits of knowledge.  You can find me there at @jkjhr.

    If you have any ideas or questions, please contact me.  Always looking for new ways to use social media or convert new users to the power of the media.

    John Jorgensen

    Social Media Director

    Grundy Will Human Resource Association