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    Revolutionary Sourcing

    Date: December 3, 2014, 7:30am – 9:00am
    Kevin Crews
    Joliet Junior College
    1215 Houbolt Drive T1000
    Joliet, Illinois
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    Presenting our topic today is Kevin Crews. Kevin joined AIRS as a highly respected recruiter and trainer with over 20 years in the training and recruiting profession. Kevin brings a hands-on perspective of how to find squirrels in today's talent acquisition environment. Kevin attended Purdue University where he earned two undergraduate degrees, one in Education and one in Management. He also hold an MBA from Kent State University.

    Beginning his career in computer programming, Kevin soon found himself working to build a training department and developing and teaching technical courses to an IT staff. Transitioning from training to recruiting for the IT team, Kevin found his passion for recruiting talent. As a recruiter, Kevin has hired and trained Fortune 500 companies including AON Hewitt, Discover, Morgan Stanley, Citigroup, Sears, OfficeMax, ALLTEL as well as University of CHicago (NORC).

    Revolutionary Sourcing

    Recruiters and sourcing researchers from Singapore to London to San Francisco and everywhere inbetween are using essentially the same tactics and online tools to locate passive talent today. Sites such as LinkedIn have, in some cases, become the primary resources that recruiting professionals use tofind candidates. It’s not to say that’s a negative thing, but it means we are all fishing from a similar pool of candidates. In this day and age with all the tools available to us, that’s not necessarily cutting edge recruiting. The goal of this session is to remind recruiters and sourcers that there is more to a targeted recruiting plan than just professional networking sites. It will shed light on the fact that, in order to be truly revolutionary, sometimes it’s necessary to combine cutting edge sourcing tactics with long forgotten methods to outwit the competition and find the best talent!

    The revolution begins with:

    • Understanding how social media is impacting the recruiting landscape in 2014 and how sites other than the “big three” can be leveraged to find the best candidates that no one else is seeing.

    • Exploring recruitment branding best practices using search engines, mobile tools, QR codes, and more of today’s candidate-friendly tools.

    • Learning proven tactics for extracting resumes,CVs, profiles, attendee lists, membership directories and more from a wide array of search engines to build your candidate pool and increase recruitment success.

    • Exploring one of the most increasingly popular frontiers in passive candidate recruitment, mobile based recruiting tools, techniques, and best practices.

    • Utilizing time-saving and organizational tools to help manage and target searches to focus on finding candidate information that can help lead to more cost effective hires.