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    February 2013- Chapter Meeting-Avoiding the Onslaught of Overtime Lawsuits: Best Practices for Wage-Hour Compliance

    Date: February 27, 2013, 7:30am – 9:00am
    Neil Dishman
    Joliet Junior College
    1215 Hoboult
    Building T- Rm #1002
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    The tidal wave of overtime lawsuits that began several years ago continues unabated.  Today, most employers’ greatest legal vulnerability is not in their hiring and firing decisions, but in their decisions about to whom they pay overtime and how.  Employees and their attorneys have continued to aggressively pursue these lawsuits, and the Department of Labor has increased its enforcement efforts against employers.  In this presentation, Neil H. Dishman, an attorney who helps employers prevent and resolve disputes with employees, will arm attendees with the knowledge they need to protect their companies from overtime and other wage-hour claims.  Topics to be covered include: 

    • Common mistakes in exempt vs. non-exempt classifications
    • Reducing exposure to claims for “off the clock” work
    • Properly accounting for bonuses, commissions, shift differentials, and other “extra” pay when calculating overtime
    • The “1099 contractor” trap and how to avoid it
    • Breaks, payroll deductions, and other seemingly-trivial things that can lead to class-action lawsuits